Termination letters and e-mails were sent late last week to individuals who failed to recertify or pay their annual service fee by the April 1, 2012 deadline.  If you have questions about your termination, please contact us at info@nbccam.org or 866.779.CMCA.  NOTE:  Many individuals have been confusing their payment for their CAI individual manager membership with the NBC-CAM CMCA annual service fee.  The CAI individual manager membership totals $120 or $130 while the CMCA annual service fee totals $105.00.  As a reminder, CAI and NBC-CAM are separate and different organizations.  Please be careful to make the distinction between the organizations and your dues.



If your CMCA has lapsed within the past five years, you are eligible for reinstatement.  If you wish to reinstate your CMCA after termination, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Your certification status must not have been expired for more than a period of five (5) years.

  • You must submit a non-refundable $200 reinstatement fee and the reinstatement application.

  • You must have continued to comply with the Standards of Professional Conduct.

  • You will have a period of one year to complete 16 hours of continuing education.

  • You must confirm that you have not represented yourself as a CMCA since the termination of certification.

To reinstate, please complete the reinstatement application. Once the application is approved, you will have a period of one year to complete 16 hours of continuing education. When the first year of reinstatement has been completed, your recertification will be placed into the normal two-year renewal cycle.  If your certification status has been inactive for more than five years, you will be required to reapply for the CMCA certification program.



First notices to individuals due for recertification on October 1, 2012 were mailed and e-mailed this week.  Please check your inboxes and mailboxes.  To maintain your certification, you must be in good standing with your annual service fee payments, have accumulated a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education courses since you were last certified (October 1, 2010) and submit the recertification application and annual service fee payment of $105 by October 1, 2012. 


Continuing education hours must relate to the management and operation of community associations or be of a professional development nature such as accounting, human resources, or office administration. Visit our website for more information on approved continuing education courses. As a reminder, AMS, PCAM, FL CAM and NV CAM licenses automatically satisfy your continuing education requirement– so all we need is a copy of your ID or certificate as your proof of continuing education along with the completed recertification application.


Recertify online

Pay the CMCA Annual Service fee online

NBC-CAM Executive Director

While I have enjoyed my time moderating CMCACorner, it is time I hand it off to the new NBC-CAM executive director, John H. Ganoe, CAE.

John has dedicated almost 25 years to the trade association field.  His experience includes serving for the past six years as the executive director of a credentialing program in the health arena, where he nearly doubled the number of credential holders, expanded legislative and regulatory activities and enhanced the organization’s communications with credentialed professionals, the media and other stakeholder groups.

John believes that despite the successes in recent years, we can still strengthen both NBC-CAM and the CMCA credential, as well as aggressively promote the value of the credential to the tens of thousands of community associations that rely on professional managers.

Tom Skiba, CAE, chief executive officer of Community Associations Institute (CAI) and NBC-CAM said, “John was the perfect candidate for this critical position. His trade association and credentialing experience make him the ideal fit for the job. I’m sure he’ll continue the growth and success experienced by NBC-CAM in recent years.”

Please help me welcome John to the NBC-CAM family.  You can contact him at jganoe@nbccam.org or 866.779.2622.

Community Association Management SmartBrief

Have you signed up for Community Association Management SmartBrief yet?  A few weeks ago, NBC-CAM launched a free, weekly e-mail newsbrief specifically designed for community association managers. Sign up here.

This complimentary resource is aimed at bringing you a quick, two-minute read that will help you keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends in our profession. SmartBrief will provide short summaries of the news articles that will be of interest to you as a community association manager. We know it will save you time, keep you informed and add to your success. I hope you will subscribe.

Last week’s issue had an interesting article from Inc.com about diffusing complaints: Listening, refusing to engage in a fight and being willing to take a complaint to a higher authority are among the first steps in dealing with an unhappy client, writes Matthew Swyers. Other tips: Put yourself in the person’s place and offer empathy, work to resolve the issue and conclude your actions with a summary e-mail. Sign up here to get the full story.

Community Association Management SmartBrief

I am pleased to announce that NBC-CAM has partnered with SmartBrief to launch Community Association Management SmartBrief, a free, weekly e-mail newsbrief specifically designed for community association managers.

This complimentary resource is aimed at bringing you a quick, two-minute read that will help you keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends in our profession. SmartBrief will provide short summaries of the news articles that will be of interest to you as a community association manager.  We know it will save you time, keep you informed and add to your success. I hope you will subscribe.

Over the next few weeks, we will send you several issues of Community Association Management SmartBrief in the hopes that you will activate your free subscription.  You can also sign up here.



One of articles in last week’s SmartBrief that I found particularly useful was about a Microsoft Outlook feature to organize my unruly inbox.  I can’t always deal with e-mails as soon as they hit my inbox which is why I started using the “Delay Delivery” option.  Now I can specify when I want my messages to arrive.  If you don’t use Outlook, don’t worry – there are other providers of the same feature.  You can read the entire article at CBS MoneyWatch.

U.S. Community Association Data

As you know, community associations have become increasingly popular because they help protect home values and help meet increased demand for privatization of services as public officials off-load services that were traditionally provided by government, e.g., trash pickup, snow removal, landscaping, street lighting and street and sidewalk maintenance.  Below are the most recent industry statistics.

Estimated number of association-governed communities and individual housing units and residents within those communities:



Housing Units





2.1 million



3.6 million

9.6 million



11.6 million

29.6 million



17.8 million

45.2 million



19.2 million

48.0 million



20.8 million

51.8 million



23.1 million

57.0 million



24.1 million

59.5 million



24.8 million

62.0 million



25.1 million

62.3 million

Association-governed communities include homeowners associations, condominiums, cooperatives and other planned communities. Homeowners associations and other planned communities currently account for 52-55% of the totals above, condominiums for 38-42% and cooperatives for 5-7%.

Estimated number of community association managers:  60,000.

Estimated number of community association management companies: 10,000.

Almost two million people serve on community association governing boards, with almost 400,000 more involved as committee members. Assuming the typical board or committee member spends just one hour a week on association business—and for most it’s much more than that—these volunteer leaders dedicate more than 110 million hours of service to their communities every year. Combined, the estimated value of these community association governance services is about $450 million.

An estimated four out of five housing starts since 2000 have been in association-governed communities, including condominiums converted from existing rental units.

The value of the homes in all community associations is estimated at $4 trillion, approximately 20 percent of the value of allU.S.residential real estate.

Estimated annual operating revenue for U.S. community associations is close to $40 billion. Community and condominium association boards also maintain investment accounts of more than $35 billion for the long-term maintenance and replacement of common property, e.g., roads, swimming pools, structures and elevators.

The estimates provided above for associations are derived from U.S. Census publications, the American Housing Survey, IRS Statistics of Income Reports, consultation with CAI professional members and state-specific data from California and Florida and related trade organizations.

Check Out the CMCA Corner Blog!


Hi, I’m Dawn Bauman, executive director of the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers.  Yes, it’s a mouthful. Please call us NBC-CAM.

A word about the CMCA:  We’re the only worldwide recognized certification for community association managers.  For the past 15 years, nearly 12,000 professional managers – or those who want to practice with more professionalism – have earned the CMCA. It’s a matter of:

  • Coursework in accounting, collections, contracting, ethics, facilities maintenance, finance, governance, insurance and risk management and the law.
  • Passing a rigorous examination.
  • Adherence to a code of professional ethics and continuing education in the field.

CMCA Corner is a blog devoted to helping CMCAs like you share stories, get information, find ideas, get to know each other and see the lighter side of your work.  Please start a new post or comment on another post; that’s how we will make this community successful.

I will cover topics related to all areas of community association management, governance, leadership and current events.  What’s more, I’ll introduce you to your fellow CMCAs, so you can see how the field attracts smart, hardworking good people.  It’s amazing to me that despite the job pressures, CMCAs are some of the warmest, sanest and most level-headed people I know. You’ll find out what your colleagues like to do for fun, and their favorite parts of their jobs.

I’m not a manager, but I work with respected professionals across the field. I know we can count on them to share their wisdom in this blog, too.

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