About CMCAcorner

CMCAcorner.com is a blog platform to write – and read – about the intersections of business, industry trends, continuing education, and professional development in community association management.

We welcome guest bloggers!  In this space, we also discuss the challenges we may encounter in our work as community association professionals and – more importantly – how we navigate these challenges. Additionally, we want to celebrate successes, so we ask you to share your stories, creative approaches to troubleshooting tricky issues, and the ways in which you’ve increased professional productivity and personal satisfaction.

This community of association managers, landscapers, insurance providers, legal advisers, homeowners, and anyone else who cares about the communities we live in can benefit from the collective years of experience, wisdom, and innovative thinking that goes into the work we love and, at times, find trying.

Join us! Tell us what you think in the comments section – or email the moderator of the CMCAcorner Blog, Denise Davenport  – if you’re interested in learning more about submitting a guest blog piece.

4 thoughts on “About CMCAcorner

  1. Who regulates these association managers (CMCA) ? or their work ethic? their job performance? Since they deal with other peoples money, who over sees that? Are they licensed by the DRE?

    Please advise.

    Thank you,


    • Leticia,

      It depends on what state you live in, but only 8 states license community association managers (www.caionline.org/managerlicensing). A few of those states regulate community association managers through the Division of Real Estate, but managers are not real estate brokers.

      The association board is responsible for evaluating managers’ job performance as well as oversight of association funds.

      If a manager holds a CMCA and you feel they are violating one of the CMCA standards (www.camicb.org/standards), you may initiate a complaint with CAMICB.

  2. Is this where I can ask a questions about HOA rules, codes, Davis Sterling laws etc…I live in a 55+ HOA mobile home park in Calif.

  3. I just passed my CMCA test and looking for any information that would help me perform my job better and be more of an asset to my association and company I work for.

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