Recertify Your CMCA: Keep Your CMCA Up & Your Stress Level Down

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The next CMCA Recertification deadline is coming up October 1! Do you have all your credit hours together?

Join us during this 30-minute webinar as we review all the continuing education opportunities approved and accepted by CAMICB. We’ll review what you’ll need to complete your CMCA Recertification Application and walk you thorugh the process on how to complete your Recertification.

This interactive format allows for questions during the 15-minute program. Or, you can save your questions for the 15-minute Q&A after the presentation.

DATE: Sept 5, 2019
TIME: 3:00 p.m. ET/2:00 CT/1:00 MT/12:00 PT


Avoiding fyres [sic] in your community

Conversations about two truly epic documentaries have circulated the water coolers over the past two weeks. The focus of the documentaries is the 2017 would’ve-been, luxury festival that flew too close to the sun then crashed and burned leaving thousands of young, some very-well-to-do, adults stranded on an island in the Bahamas. The story behind the now infamous Fyre Festival is comparable to the heroic, rise and fall fables of past. Like that wild roll at your favorite sushi bar, it has everything: envy, avarice, fyrefestival_orangebeauty, fantasy, sympathy, evil, crime, success and failure. I will leave the details of the story for you to watch for yourself. The documentaries were produced by two different streaming services and two different directors, and I do recommend watching both, but they ultimately tell the same story and heed the same warnings.

When you watch the documentaries, you will clearly notice some of the major themes, such as (spoiler alert ahead) after committing several kinds of fraud you will ruin lives and get caught. There are also several, not so obvious, areas that I found fascinating. One is people’s tendency to follow charm over qualification.  Another is the sheer power and effect of social media influencers. Another is – simply enough – the power of the contract notwithstanding the promise of money. I now know I will need more than four months to buy a private island and build a venue to host big name musical performers. If I can’t prove they will get what they want, even Blink-182 will cancel last minute (no offense Blink fans).

For those of you wanting to host the next big music festival in your community, please don’t. I have nothing for you. For those of you looking to avoid starting a fyre, please follow along.

If you are a homeowner wanting the best professional leadership for your community, start by looking past the charisma or cost-savings of an individual or offer, and focus on whether the person or firm is qualified to manage your community. Ask yourself: Is it too good to be true? If the answer is yes or probably, then you need to exercise due diligence. Start by finding out if they have a Certified Manager of Community Associations® (CMCA®) credential. The CMCA credential provides homeowners and boards an assurance that the person has the basic knowledge necessary to effectively manage a community association. You can find more about the CMCA credential at the Community Association Managers International Certification Board webpage.

For those of you wanting to better understand the impacts social media has on your community or needing guidance on music or movie performance rights, CAI has many resources available. The recipient of the 2017 Best Law Seminar Manuscript award is the piece put together by attorneys Daniela Burg, Edward Hoffman and Gerald Wigger, and focuses on social media in communities and how associations can benefit from and properly handle issues. It is available free to download with other Best Manuscripts here. If you have questions about hosting a movie or music event at your association’s clubhouse, CAI’s Government and Public Affairs Department put together a great guidance document on music and movie licensing rights. It is also free to download and can be found here.

If you watched the documentaries, are there thoughts you have on how managing a community would be like producing an event like the Fyre Festival? Did you prefer one documentary over the other? Also, am I the only one who confuses Fyre with the fashion brand, Frye? I still have to correct myself. Love to read your thoughts below.

Matthew Green
Director, Credentialing Services

Annual Conference

We’re Back!  NBC-CAM has returned from the CAI Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.  Were you there?  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Almost 1000 attendees
  • Attendees from the US and 7 other countries, Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa
  • 24 CAI past-presidents in attendance and participating
  • A maximum capacity exhibit hall featuring management software, internet products, banking and legal services, reserve studies, pool products, landscaping services and more!
  • Fabulous general sessions from Mike Abrashoff and Terry Watson
  • A fabulous location in San Diego and a great hotel/staff
  • 4 education tracks: legal, trends, professional development and best practices
  • 8 professional management development courses offered as well as the PCAM case study and CMCA examination
  • 15 meetings, exchanges, receptions and other scheduled networking opportunities
  • Annual Awards Session – Congratulations to all the recipients!

Were you there?  What are your highlights?  Share your experience in the comments.

SEO FREE webinar

Jason McDonald, Director of JM Internet Group is hosting a FREE webinar tomorrow about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

What are your SEO habits? If you were to diagnose your website would it be sick, healthy, on the road to health, or on the road to ruin?

“SEO, heal thyself,” Aristotle might have said. He might have continued, “SEO, diagnose yourself.” Because diagnosis is a critical part of SEO success.  But what is your Google rank?

How does Google perceive your website? Are you getting links and social mentions? Is your SEO moving in the right, or wrong, direction over time?

Please join Jason at his next FREE Lunch / Coffee webinar on SEO, Wednesday November 14th at 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern.

You bring the lunch (West Coast) or coffee (East Coast), he’ll be the free edutainment identifying and explaining seven important diagnostics for you and your website.

Jason’s motto is death to boring PowerPoint.  It will be fun, and informative… “I guarantee it or your money back” he says (OK, it’s free, but still it will be fun AND informative).

Register now at

Got friends? Colleagues? Business associates? Feel free to forward this invite to them, as our lunch / coffee webinars are the most fun on the Internet this side of where Google meets Facebook, with a left turn to Twitter and LinkedIn (that would be his beloved home, the San Francisco Bay Area).

You can reach Jason McDonald at or check out his website at


E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing: How Overcoming 3 Common Errors Increased Clickthrough Rate by 104%

Most e-mail messages, even semi-important ones without sales pitches, are deleted each day. What happens when your ideal prospect receives yours? Do they even stop to notice? Or do they file it away in the special destination reserved for every hype-laden, sales-driven message they receive – the crowded “Trash” folder?

Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, is hosting a webinar that will walk through three common errors research has identified as damaging to conversion. He will help you determine if you are making these errors, and how you can overcome them.

During the webinar, Daniel will share a case study from their labs, showing how he fine-tuned an email offer. Making relatively small and easy changes, our research analysts overcame these common mistakes, and drove a three-digit increase in clickthroughs as a result.

NBC-CAM is offering FREE registration for this webinar.  Register now!  This webinar is sponsored by Lyris who hosts the NBC-CAM listservs.

Date:  Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time:  1:00 p.m. EDT

Duration:  1 hour

Hosts:  MarketingSherpa

Event Success

Carly Reid is the Senior Meetings Manager at CAI.  For almost a decade, she has been assisting in the creation and implementation of the CAI National Conferences.  You’ve most likely met her at the registration desk or seen her zipping about the hotel taking care of everything from special food orders to transportation issues.  As a Certified Meeting Planner and veteran event coordinator, Carly has some advice for your next community event.

  1. Consider establishing partnerships with other organizations or people to assist with the execution of the event.  Reach out to your board or other active community members to assist with the coordination, set up or clean up of the event.  Make sure to identify their role when determining key decisions.  Delegate tasks like decorations, music, photography/video and clean up.
  2. Be real about an event or program budget.  Review your budget at several points during the planning process and revise for realistic and necessary true costs and revenue updates.  Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you can’t afford the bouncy house for kids.
  3. Create an event timeline.  Outline all essential decisions and activities in a time sequential order from the point of initial consideration to the decision being finalized and executed.  Communicate the timeline to everyone involved in the planning or fulfillment of the event.  Do your best to stay on task and stick to the timeline.
  4. Don’t forget the little things.  Remember to assemble a meeting kit to take with you.  Pack pencils, tape, binder clips, markers, etc. into a small pencil box for any on-site issues.  Bring name badges, printer paper, business cards and extra event tickets or pre-printed receipts just in case.  Make sure to bring the First Aid Kit and keep any emergency numbers in your phone.  Being prepared will make any unexpected occurrence not feel so unexpected.
  5. Get feedback!  How can you improve if you don’t solicit suggestions from your community?  Send out an online survey to attendees about the quality of the event.  Add an open-ended question calling for ideas and volunteers for the next party, cookout, etc.  Don’t take any negative feedback personally.

Live from NCSL

Today is the first day of the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) in the Windy City.  I’m here with the CAI Government and Public Affairs team.  We’ve met legislators and staff from across the country and have talked with them about the importance of manager licensing.  Take a look at the flyer we’re handing out.  More updates to come.