E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing: How Overcoming 3 Common Errors Increased Clickthrough Rate by 104%

Most e-mail messages, even semi-important ones without sales pitches, are deleted each day. What happens when your ideal prospect receives yours? Do they even stop to notice? Or do they file it away in the special destination reserved for every hype-laden, sales-driven message they receive – the crowded “Trash” folder?

Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, is hosting a webinar that will walk through three common errors research has identified as damaging to conversion. He will help you determine if you are making these errors, and how you can overcome them.

During the webinar, Daniel will share a case study from their labs, showing how he fine-tuned an email offer. Making relatively small and easy changes, our research analysts overcame these common mistakes, and drove a three-digit increase in clickthroughs as a result.

NBC-CAM is offering FREE registration for this webinar.  Register now!  This webinar is sponsored by Lyris who hosts the NBC-CAM listservs.

Date:  Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time:  1:00 p.m. EDT

Duration:  1 hour

Hosts:  MarketingSherpa

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