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Edmond Council allows chickens in city limits

By James Coburn | CNHI News Oklahoma

EDMOND, Okla. — Chickens and laying hens may be kept within Edmond city limits after a 5-0 vote Monday evening by the Edmond City Council. Mayor Charles Lamb said the city has heard extensive testimony about the use of urban chickens. 

“You know more than you ever thought you’d know about urban chickens,” said Lainee Copeland, a resident chickens-webof Colchester Terrace.

Lamb said lots in excess of 30,000 feet are acceptable by code. No roosters are allowed, and a suitable screening barrier must meet compliance standards. Individual homeowners associations may also address whether chickens are allowed.

A ratio of chickens was established with acreage not to exceed five acres. Keeping chickens and laying hens beyond five acres is already allowed within general agricultural zoning, the mayor explained.

Copeland asked for a description of the permit. There will be a one-time $25 permit fee, said Steve Murdock, city attorney. Animal Welfare will enforce the code, and copies of the code will also be available for the chicken owners. No slaughtering of the birds is permitted within the city limits.

“We haven’t prepared the actual form. It will be available within 30 days, or as near as we can, if the council chooses to move forward,” Murdock said.

Regarding the numbers of chickens or laying hens, Lamb said the permit reads as follows: “Excess of One (1) to two (2) acres – Maximum of twelve (12); Excess of Two (2) to Three (3) acres – Maximum of eighteen (18); Excess of Three (3) to Four acres – Maximum of twenty-four (24); Excess of Four (4) to Five (5) acres – Maximum of thirty (30).”

Councilwoman Elizabeth Waner said she understands both sides of the discussion.

“Even though I’m sure what we have is not going to make everybody happy, I appreciate the process that everyone participated in,” Waner said.

Does your community allow chickens?  Leave a comment below.

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