CMCA Reinstatement Policy

CAMICB Board of Commissioners has changed the CMCA Reinstatement policy.  Individuals can now reinstatement more than one time in their career.

CAMICB policy permits a CMCA to reinstate the CMCA credential once during the course of a CMCA’s career, subject to the reinstatement policies outlined in the “Reinstatement” portion of the                         CMCA Candidate Handbook, including payment of a $200 reinstatement fee and fulfillment of applicable continuing education requirements.

A CMCA seeking subsequent reinstatement(s) of a lapsed CMCA credential must complete the application for reinstatement and:

  • Re-take      and pass the CMCA exam. Full application fees apply.
  • Or: Submit to the CAMICB office      proof of completion of 16 hours of continuing education for each year in      which the credential was inactive; submit payment of a $105 service fee      for each year in which the credential was inactive; and submit payment of      a $200 reinstatement fee.

Any CMCA requesting an initial or subsequent reinstatement of the CMCA credential must attest that, during the period in which the credential was inactive, the CMCA:

  • Has      upheld the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Has      not represented himself/herself as an active CMCA

Reinstatement of the CMCA credential is subject to review by the CAMICB Board of Commissioners.

Should reinstatement of the CMCA credential be denied for any reason a CMCA has the right to appeal the denial. The appeal process is outlined in the CMCA Candidate Handbook.

5 thoughts on “CMCA Reinstatement Policy

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