U.S. Census Bureau: Alternative Credential Data

This month the US Census Bureau released its first data on measuring alternative educational credentials.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s study, Measuring Alternative Educational Credentials, 12 million adults had both a professional certification or license and an educational certificate; 34 million had only a professional certification or license; and 7 million had only an educational certificate. The report shows that, in general, these alternative credentials provide a path to higher earnings. The report also showed that among full-time workers, the median monthly earnings for someone with a professional certification or license only was $4,167, compared with $3,433 for one with an educational certificate only; $3,920 for those with both types of credentials; and $3,110 for people without any alternative credential.

This information coincides with The Foundation for Community Association’s (cairf.org) most recent salary survey that says community association managers holding the CMCA certification earn approximately 18% more than those without the CMCA credential. 

Credentials are playing a major role in improving the earnings of community association managers and other professions. 

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