HOA obtains CAI designation to improve community relations

Seven men and women volunteer to govern the Sun City Aliante homeowners association. They also hold the distinction as the first and only HOA board in Nevada to complete the Community Associations Institute‘s certification program.

The voluntary certification as a Dedicated Community Association Leader, or DCAL, was developed by the institute’s Nevada chapter.

Through the classes, the volunteer learns all aspects of proper community association governance, as well as ethics and finance, per Nevada Revised Statute 116, said Sun City Aliante HOA president and DCAL graduate Mark Smith.

“This is a tremendous community, and I think our board is unique in the sense that there are seven people all working for the betterment of the community,” Smith said. “Nobody has an individual agenda or is looking to make a name for themselves. We work to make the community better.”

Sun City Aliante has 2,028 homes and roughly 3,500 residents, Smith said, and the board welcomes everyone to engage in open dialogue with the HOA board members as per DCAL training.

“If someone comes in with a problem, through our education process, we try not to butt heads; we try to work it out,” he said. “We don’t want to create the horror stories you hear about.”

Smith alluded to HOA kerfuffles and scandals that have made headlines. Issues range from unscrupulous board members being ousted or homeowners spewing allegations to the Nevada Supreme Court weighing in on HOA collection agency disputes.

Mary Rendina, executive director for the CAI Nevada chapter, said Sun City Aliante’s board conveys a message to its community with the full compliance certification.

“In light of all the negative press about HOAs, these are people who are dedicated to making a difference and committed to following the rules,” she said. “I give them a lot of recognition and congratulations because of it.”

The Sun City Aliante HOA paid for the board members to complete their DCAL certification, Smith said.

The offer is open to any Sun City Aliante resident interested in taking the courses, he added.

Two residents have completed the DCAL courses to date, said Arnie Snow, general manager of Sun City Aliante’s management company, RMI Management LLC.

“I’ve been managing for 30 years, and this has been the most incredible place I’ve ever worked,” he said. “(The residents) appreciate what the board is doing, and they’re happy. They are impressed with the board and their level of commitment.”

Story by Maggie Lillis at the Las Vegas Review Journal

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