Manager Licensing Update

NJ Manager Licensing Bill Passes Assembly — New Jersey Assembly bill 2658, which requires community association managers to meet professional and educational requirements to become licensed and creates a regulatory board to oversee the profession, had its first major victory Monday, June 25. The bill passed the Assembly with a 51-26-1 vote and now moves to the Senate. Click here to view the text of the bill.

Illinois Community Association Manager Licensure — Community Association Managers in IL must be licensed by September 30, 2012.  Managers can do this by completing 20 hours of pre-licensure education and taking the CMCA examination.  Click here to view the text of the bill.

Connecticut Community Association Manager Licensure — The governor of Connecticut has signed into law a number of provisions affecting the state’s community association managers. Any person who provides management services is required to register with the Department of Consumer Protection (Department) and, starting October 1, 2012, submit to a state and national criminal background, complete a nationally-recognized course on community association management, and pass the CMCA examination.  Click here for more information.

Virginia Common Interest Community Regulations — In 2008, Virginia implemented a statutory based management company licensure program. As part of that program, the Common Interest Community Board (CICB) was created and charged with drafting regulations to clarify and assist with implementation of the new law. In fall of 2008, the CICB approved emergency regulations while they continued to draft, vet and publish the final regulations.  The regulations are final and are part of the permanent regulatory requirements governing licensing, replacing the initial set of emergency regulations on April 1, 2010. The provisional license expires on June 30, 2011. By June 30, 2011 all companies will need to follow all of the community manager regulations.  Click here for the regulations.

If you have any questions about manager licensure, please contact NBC-CAM at

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