CAMICB Awards And Recognizes CMCA #20,000

CAMICB reached an important milestone awarding CMCA #20,000! Since awarding the first CMCA credential in 1996, the community association management field has grown a tremendous amount and CAMCB has established itself as an integral component of the profession. The more than 73.5 million people in the United States who live in covenant-protected communities rely largely on CMCA certification as proof of ethical, knowledgeable, professional community association management.  It’s an exciting time for the profession and CAMICB sat down with one of its newest credential holders: CMCA #20,000 Christina Parker, PCM, CMCA from Reno, NV, who passed the CMCA exam in October.

 Excerpts from a conversation with Christina Parker, PCM, CMCA

“Before I entered the world of community association management, I was a supervisor in a call center where I was head of the data entry department. I’d advanced as far as I possibly could in that company and field, but I really wanted more. I saw an ad for a Concierge position at FirstService Residential, which really caught my eye. After researching FirstService Residential, I applied for the position. I spoke with an executive in the Human Resources department who told me more about the services they provide and the job responsibilities: customer service, record keeping and planning and executing fun events, to name a few. She also talked about the opportunity for growth and the importance of continuing education and how critical professional development is to FirstService. I started off as a Concierge at Regency at Presidio in Damonte Ranch – an active adult community with more than 500 single-family homes – and from that moment on, I was sold on the diversity of the industry.

“Later, FirstService Residential was looking for associates to take the state licensing class and my team there encouraged me to sign up in the summer of 2018. I received my Provisional Nevada Community Manager’s License and continued to find the industry fascinating and challenging. I was then promoted to Compliance Director at the Somersett Owners Association. I’ve learned so much working at a large on-site property with a wonderful supportive team. There are so many moving parts in community management and I really like that it keeps me on my toes!

“Being a Compliance Director for a community with over 3,100 homes is busy! I really enjoy traversing the neighborhood to make sure the community is in line with the wide range of governing documents and architectural requirements. In the process, I get to see the neighborhood come to life; homeowners walking their dogs or picking up their kids from the bus stops, with the beautiful landscaping as the backdrop. At many associations, the compliance role is a small part of a manager’s job duties.  I love that, for me, this is my number one priority – helping to uphold community values. It allows me to thoroughly understand the rules and their importance, as well as the uniqueness of this property.

“Earning the CMCA credential was a great personal accomplishment. In addition to taking the M-100 course which was terrific, I studied really hard for the exam and was ecstatic when I passed. Studying – and sitting for the CMCA exam – has helped me become much more well-rounded in my knowledge of community association management. Now that I have my CMCA and am a more accomplished community association manager, I can’t wait to take on more challenges and to eventually grow my career into managing a property of my own. I believe the CMCA demonstrates to homeowners and colleagues in the field that I take this industry seriously – and with a great deal of pride.”


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