Do You Need CE Credits By October 1? New Courses Have Been Approved for CMCA Recertification Credits

CAMICB’s Continuing Education (CE) Review Committee recently approved nearly 100 new courses that qualify for CMCA recertification credits. That means webinars, classes and on-demand learning is available to CMCAs from California to Dubai. Managers who need CE credits by October 1 can find a list of close to 1,000 pre-approved programs on CAMICB’s List of Approved Continuing Education. Approved topics include pets, insurance, effective communications, board elections and more.

A Snapshot of Available Resources and Tips For Finding CECs

Be sure to review Section 4 of the CMCA Handbook for a primer on earning CECs as well as the Continuing Education Page at for an overview of credit and coursework specifications.

You can also find approved CAI courses at the CAI Education for Managers page. Here you can also learn more about CAI’s Professional Management Development Program (PMDP). Through this program, CAI provides comprehensive, expert education courses for community managers, all of which are CAMICB approved CE courses.

Other Active Credentials

Any manager who meets the continuing education requirements to maintain the below credentials will satisfy the current CAMICB continuing education requirement:

  • CAI’s Association Management Specialist (AMS)
  • CAI’s Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM)
  • National Association of Housing Cooperative’s (NAHC) Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) designation
  • Florida’s Community Association Manager license (CAM)
  • Nevada’s Community Association Manager certificate

Free or Low-Cost Options

And don’t forget to explore free or low-cost webinars that are offered by the following providers:

Recertification means you’re an accomplished professional committed to developing your skills and knowledge and is a critical component to promoting and demonstrating continued competency in the community association management profession. CAMICB supports and applauds your commitment to professional development and the recertification process.  Please email CAMICB with any questions – we’re here to help!


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