CMCAs in Texas and Louisiana

To our CMCAs in Texas and Louisiana,

The thoughts and prayers of the CAMICB Staff and Board of Commissioners  go out to you, your communities,  and everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

We are grateful to the men and women in rescue and law enforcement, military, government, and community management for their sacrifices and relentless effort to save, comfort and restore, now and in anticipation of a lengthy period of recovery.

We’ve heard from some of our CMCAs in the path of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana and, as you would imagine, the impact and the  aftermath is reminiscent of a war zone.  Technology is down, transportation is compromised, and daily life will not be back to normal for a very long time. 

This is a trying time. Recognizing the extraordinary circumstances many of our credential holders are confronting, we will extend the CMCA renewal /recertification deadline for CMCAs living in Texas and Louisiana and due to renew and/or recertify by October 1st to December 31, 2017.

Our colleagues at CAI have instituted a similar policy applicable to CAI membership and designation renewal.  Details will be provided by CAI in a separate notification.

Please contact the CAMICB office if you have questions or concerns about your CMCA renewal or recertification.  If you feel that your particular circumstances will prohibit completion of the renewal/recertification process by December 31st please be in touch as soon as you are able. We can be reached at 866.779.2622 or

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