Disaster Preparedness & Management

As the storm rages in Texas, thousands are stranded and displaced.  CAI has information on disaster preparedness, resources for disaster victims and advice for homeowners to help smooth the process of recovery. There are also resources for people who want to help our neighbors rebuild their lives and their communities.  You can find out more on their website here: https://www.caionline.org/HomeownerLeaders/DisasterResources/Pages/default.aspx

The Board of Commissioners thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  We express our condolences for the loss of life and for those injured and suffering. We are grateful to the men and women in rescue and law enforcement, military, government, and community management for their sacrifices and relentless effort to save, comfort and restore, now and in anticipation for a considerable time of recovery.  God Bless.


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