CMCA and Candidate Listservs

Your input is needed!


CAMICB has maintained two listservs for both CMCAs and CMCA exam candidates for almost 10 years. The listservs require you to subscribe and act as a discussion board. Recently, we’ve noticed a decline in activity. We want to know the best way to help you connect to your peers. Let us know! We’ve brainstormed some ideas:

  • Monthly “Ask a CAMICB Subject Matter Expert”
  • LinkedIn group for CMCA discussion
  • Live webinars with Q&A for your peers
  • Networking session for CMCAs at the CAI Annual Conference

We’re open to suggestions. CAMICB wants to create a space for dialogue, communication and networking. Tell us what you’d like in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “CMCA and Candidate Listservs

  1. I would prefer the Ask the Expert and see you change the experts frequently. The experts in our industry seem to be the same experts year after year….. Talk about issues that truly affect the managers. and not only the communities we serve but us, as people. It seems that some residents forget we are human too and have feelings . We do not control lightning strikes, equipment breakdowns, etc. We tend to care too much about others and forget to take care of ourselves.
    I never knew about your listserv until after a lot of searching. Recognize a CMCA Manager every month or give awards once in a while. CMCAs still need information so I feel the more you can share with us, the more feedback you will receive!

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