Pool Guidelines

Time to cool down and make a splash! Summer means pool time for many community associations. Are your pool guidelines in line with the Fair Housing Act (FHA)? Check the FHA blog for specifics: https://blog.fairhousingact.org/illegal-pool-rules-under-the-fair-housing-act-familial-status-and-disability-discrimination-in-print-recognize-any-of-these/

Here is a list of some discriminatory Swimming Pool Rules the FHA warns about:

  1. No children under 3 years of age allowed in the pool
  2. No child under 18 without a relative over 21
  3. No more than 2 children per adult allowed in the pool area
  4. No Disabled person can use the hot tub without another nondisabled adult present for safety reasons
  5. Disabled persons must use the shallow end of the pool only
  6. Only toilet trained children are allowed in the pool area at any time
  7. Any person wearing a diaper is not permitted in the pool at any time
  8. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to use the pool at any time
  9. Children under 6 years of age must use the kiddie pool
  10. Children are not permitted to use the pool during Adult Swim times
  11. Children can only use the NW pool; other pools are for adults only


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