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Florida community enforces ’emergency curfew’ to rein in unruly kids

By Adrianne Haney, WXIA in-the-news

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. — Several communities along 30A in South Walton, Fla. are implementing what they’re calling an “emergency curfew” for the remainder of the week, after they said they experienced too many problems with underage kids.

According to NBC affiliate WJHG in Panama City Beach, several homeowners associations for communities in South Walton are enforcing an 8 p.m. curfew and a 21-year-old age limit to get on their properties. The move comes in response to “underage drinking, large fights, unruly teens, belligerent teens with police,” WJHG reports.

30A has reportedly been traditionally a family spring break destination, but according to WJHG, business owners and residents are trying to rein in what they said are unruly crowds of young teens.

“The mobs of kids are just gathering. It’s just a little unruly for the business owners and unfortunately the police have to get involved,” Peddlers Bikes & Beach Rentals Manager Ryan Kirk told WJHG.

Residents said the problem started last year when they saw hundreds of kids just wandering around, committing petty crime and creating more work for local law enforcement.

As expected, many of the visiting teens are not in favor of the new rule.

“I’ve already heard there are some kids, a lot of kids down here from our school. And I know some of the have already gotten in trouble with police actually because they have been out late on the beach,” one Atlanta 13-year-old told WJHG.

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