Up For Debate: Chickens or no Chickens?


An Arizona community is considering an ordinance that would allow chickens in most residential backyards.  The proposal has some up in arms.  Newly elected councilwoman Joyce Clark equated the council’s difficult decision to the biblical story of Solomon: ‘It’s like dividing the baby, only we have to divide the chickens this time.’”  Are your communities pro-chicken or anti-chicken?  Sound off in the comments.


Check out the story here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/glendale/2017/02/10/how-backyard-chickens-prompted-civil-war-glendale/97659674/


1 thought on “Up For Debate: Chickens or no Chickens?

  1. James City County Virginia (Williamsburg) considered this issue in 2015. The Ordinance adopted protects the rights of property owner associations, in areas zoned Residential, to restrict raising, breeding or keeping poultry. Poultry is permitted in Residential areas in general unless prohibited by the association’s governing documents. In Virginia, these restrictions are best protected in the Declaration. Rules adopted by the Board that restrict owner’s rights are less protected by the courts.

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