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Vacation Rental in Colorado

While the Larimer County commissioners may have approved vacation rental regulations in one part of unincorporated Larimer County, that doesn’t mean they apply to the entire unincorporated county. The code compliance department at the county received a complaint in May that Villalobos was running an operation against county code, which requires a single-family dwelling zoned residential to remain just that, with up to an additional two unrelated people.

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Top 10 Florida lawsuits from 2016

The real estate business in South Florida is not always glitz and glamour. In fact, it can get so nasty, developers and brokers sometimes find themselves in the middle of salacious lawsuits alleging fraud, self-dealing and other embarrassing accusations.

The Real Deal regularly reports on all the scandalous complaints. Here is look back at the top juiciest cases of 2016.

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HOA dissolved in Indiana

Owners of three properties in a neighborhood off Town Hill Road were surprised in late November to learn that their homeowner’s association had been dissolved.

Phyllis Beck, who owned six of the nine lots in the Southridge Trail subdivision which borders Brown County State Park, notified the homeowners by mail that she had dissolved the association as a condition for selling those lots.

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