7 Digital Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity

by Christina Desmarais – @salubriousdish


It’s a software platform that lets visitors register or pay for things, complete job applications, provide ideas for a suggestion box, fill out incident reports, contact your company, or do anything else that necessitates a form.

Experts Exchange

Tech issues are an inevitable part of doing business. Get help from this online community where you can submit a question, browse videos and articles, or hire an expert for one-on-one help in real time.

Thrive Day Planner

This day planner was designed for entrepreneurs, can be used on any device or computer and features places to identify and track progress.


This is a slick messaging platform because it allows teams to communicate in one central spot and also offers a slew of useful and unique features, such as integrating with hundreds of apps for devices and computers.


This PowerPoint alternative provides a unique, non-linear way to give a presentation.


This business phone platform uses the cloud to send company calls, texts, and messages to all of your devices so you can pick up from whichever is most convenient.

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