Trends That Will Forever Change the Way We Work

by Elizabeth Dukes – @iOfficeCorp

Here are three trends that are sure to shape your future workplace – if they haven’t started to already.

Extremely flexible work arrangements.

The rise of technology and flexible work through the on-demand economy is putting pressure on companies to offer more appealing options when it comes to flexibility. Some companies have large percentages of employees telecommute regularly, or work four days a week.

Required tech skills for roles not traditionally related to tech.

Technology is at the heart of any rapidly changing business or industry. This is why software skills, or even just software experience, has become a key requirement for roles in nearly every industry. Even jobs previously seen as relatively low skill or entry level often require specialized software experience.

Disappearing and emerging jobs.

Research may suggest that nearly half of US jobs are at risk of disappearing due to automation, but this should inspire business leaders to think about what will come next. Right now it’s looking like virtual reality and 5G are gaining momentum. No one can deny the workplace is changing, but keeping ahead of these trends can help position your company for success tomorrow and beyond.

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