Need a Simple Calendar Trick?

By Caroline Liu

The Simple Calendar Trick That Made My Life So Much More Manageable:

If you’ve ever had a crazy busy week and wished you could just slow down and give yourself a break, then you understand. So, how did I pull it all off? The answer is simple: I had an on-off switch for when things got too overwhelming. And I call it the “optional” calendar. Put anything that isn’t mandatory on this calendar. These are events that, ideally, I’ll be able to fit in, but they’re the first to go when I’m feeling stressed.

It doesn’t require anything to turn it on and off, and the relief you’ll experience when you realize all of the things you don’t have to do is awesome. On the other hand, if you suddenly find yourself looking for something to do, it may be as easy as seeing what your optional options are. Much easier than coming up with something on the fly when your afternoon unexpectedly opens up!

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