New Travel Apps

By John Brandon for

These new apps can help reduce some of the stress involved in travel.

Audi On Demand

You can book the car and have it delivered to any destination you want, and when you first book the car, a driver shows you how everything works. It’s spendy – around $300 per day for an Audi S5 convertible-but handy. For now, it’s only available in the San Francisco area but it will expand soon.


It works like AirBnB for bikes. You find someone around you willing to rent a bike, then pay a rental fee. For relatively cheap, it provides transportation and some fun for an entire day.


This service works a bit like Audi on Demand yet it works more like a traditional rental car company. Using the app, you can rent a car and have it waiting for you. You can use the app to unlock the car and go – it’s that simple.


This is a human-chatbot collaborative app that looks up flights and hotel rates and searches for deals based on your travel preferences. When you travel, the bot also reminds you about the flight and tells you about any delays. You can also ask about public transportation schedules.


The app looks through your calendar and can dial all of the numbers you need for a conference call, which is helpful if you are in a hurry.”

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