Questions from the listserv

CAMICB hosts a listserv for community association managers. The listserv is intended to create a powerful, on-line community for community management professionals to share information. Recently, some questions have been sent to the listserv. Are you able to help? Leave and answer in the comment section below and CAMICB staff will post your answer to the listserv.

Russ from Ohio: We are a downtown high rise condo with an owner renting a portion of their condo via Airbnb. This creates potential security issues with people coming and going. Anyone else have any experience with similar hotel type rentals?

Betty from New York: How are you handling owners renting out their condos on Airbnb?

Larry from Louisiana: My Board has asked me to inquire how other HOA’s evaluate a Manager’s performance. In my particular situation I am evaluated by a Management Committee, which consists of the Current President, the Immediate Past-President (for continuity) and the Secretary-Treasurer. This year-end evaluation is done in Executive Session, then the committee makes recommendations (like year-end bonuses, next year’s compensation, etc.) to the Board. The full written review, which includes my self-evaluation and the committee’s comments/feedback, is not shared with the Board.

My Board is divided, with some members believing it should stick with the current process, while others believe that the committee should consist of the entire Board without the past-President (assuming that past President is no longer a Board member).

Would you please share your thoughts.

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