CAMICB To Field “International” CMCA Exam Form

The CAMICB CMCA Examination Development Committee has launched an effort to develop an “international” form of the CMCA examination with a goal of developing an examination form that is presented in concise, non-colloquial language; tests against a recognized global body of knowledge; and utilizes terminology recognized and understood around the world. The effort got underway with a two-day meeting of International Subject Matter Experts (iSMEs) in late April in Las Vegas and reflects growing recognition around the world of the CMCA credential as a benchmark of professionalism in community association manager.

An international form of the exam will be constructed against the examination blueprint utilized in the development of all forms of the CMCA examination currently in the field. That blueprint is built utilizing the results of the most recent CMCA job task analysis: a survey of the field to determine that the exam is testing those knowledge areas, skills and abilities recognized as central to successful performance as a professional community association manager. The job task analysis is updated on a five year cycle.

Development of the international form of the CMCA will be facilitated by CAMICB’s longtime test development partner, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO). Virtual iSME working sessions are slated for June. An initial timetable calls for pilot testing of an international exam form late in 2015.

2 thoughts on “CAMICB To Field “International” CMCA Exam Form

  1. I completed the application form online and paid for the pencil and paper form of the CMCA examinations since 3rd April, 2015 after attending the CAI M-100 course in Atlanta in January 2015. I got a receipt of payment but nothing lease till date. I am writing from Nigeria. To whom do I address my enquiry please? Does the above new International form of the CMCA examinations apply to me?

  2. Don’t even bother studying any materials that are given in the m-10″ course because most of the questions and answers on the test are ridiculous and have 4 right answers. Waste of money!!!!!! And they want more people involved. No thanks!

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