In The News…

HOA forces suburban farmer to give away hemp plants

A homeowner in Denver, Colo., has been forced to shut down his hemp-growing operation after the homeowners association at Todd Creek Farms found him to be in violation of several community rules. Jim Denny failed to notify the HOA of his landscaping changes and his plans to sell his product, which breaches the association’s ban on home businesses. Westword (Denver) (7/2) 


Veteran, HOA may go to court over flag in flower pot

The homeowners association of the Tides at Sweetwater in Jacksonville, Fla., is demanding a 73-year-old veteran remove a 17-inch-by-12-inch American flag planted in a flower pot on his front porch, but the resident says he has no plans of taking it down and may even take the issue to court for the second time. The association’s documents state that flags must be flown on brackets and hung, and flower pots must only hold plants. San Francisco Chronicle (free content)/Associated Press (7/3)


South Carolina homeowners want laws regulating HOAs

South Carolina is home to 6,400 HOAs, according to the Foundation for Community Association Research, and officials throughout the state say that letters, calls and emails from dissatisfied homeowners are a near constant. They don’t come in a flood, say people in state and local governments, but you can count on them every week or month or so.  The writers want to eliminate what they see as unresolved problems in their developments and to rein in what they feel are out-of-control HOA boards and declarants, as developers are known legally.  There ought to be laws to help them out, they say. The State (Columbia, S.C.)/The Sun (7/6) 


Condo insurance for owners

Condo insurance differs from renters’ insurance and homeowners’ insurance in the way it deals with responsibility for the building’s structure and certain interior components. Make sure that between the complex’s master policy and your unit-owner’s policy, you’re fully protected but not over-insured. Investopedia (7/3)


HOA life: Being labeled as a complainer

Clete Linke doesn’t mind at all that some of those in charge at Waterford Plantation label him a complainer. “I’m a complainer when I’m not treated fairly,” he said. A resident of the subdivision for about four years, Linke not only takes on issues for himself, but for other residents as well. He’s taken on a variety of issues in the past, ranging from the lack of circulating fountains in some of the development’s lakes to sidewalks that aren’t built across common property, to the legal authority of some who have been in charge The State (Columbia, S.C.)/The Sun (7/6) 


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