In The News…

More bills on HOAs expected next year

A Scottsdale man challenged a newly minted law he said would give homeowners associations an advantage over residents — and he won. Read more. (Arizona)

Homeowner Association Feuds Grow Amid Rules And Fees

More and more U.S. homeowners live in community associations, also called homeowners associations or HOAs. Amenity maintenance, development plans, rules and amateur governance can all result in bitter feuding within these groups. Buyers should study the rules before purchasing a home in an association. Owners should learn how to contest a decision if a conflict arises. Read more. (National)

Veteran wins battle to fly U.S., USMC flags outside home

A veteran has won his battle to fly two flags outside of his home. For two months, retired Marine Captain Jim Lowe, 73, has waged a campaign to fly the American flag along with his USMC colors at his Griffin home. The homeowners association at the Sun City retirement community said that covenants only allowed one flag to be displayed outside a home. Read more. (Georgia)

Neighbors fed up with HOA parking rules

A neighborhood parking restriction has homeowners pumping their brakes against their homeowner’s association. Read more. (Texas)

HOA ban on sex offenders leads to lawsuit

A Texas homeowners association is facing a lawsuit that claims it improperly tried to oust a registered sex offender living there. Read more. (Texas)

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