Questions from the Listserv

CAMICB hosts a listserv for community association managers. The listserv is intended to create a powerful, on-line community for community management professionals to share information. Recently, some questions have been sent to the listserv. Are you able to help? Leave and answer in the comment section below and CAMICB staff will post your answer to the listserv.

Question 1: Greg from Missouri

Does anyone have RV parking policies they would be willing to share?


Question 2: Doug from Florida

We are trying to write a swimming pool rule relative to owner’s guest’s use of the pool.  If you have a policy in that regard, would you kindly share it? 


Question 3: Donna from Minnesota

My association in MN has stringent rules on leasing, including you may only lease one time, no exceptions. We have a unit owner who has violated that rule after being sent a letter denying him his request for waiver of the leasing restrictions to begin a new lease agreement with a new tenant. The governing documents do not mention the association having the right to evict a tenant if this happens. I have searched the statutes and laws and can only find laws pertaining to landlord and tenant. Does the association have any right to evict a tenant due to the landlord/homeowner violating the governing documents?

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