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Four inches Bankrupts HOA

$100,000 per inch. That’s what it cost a homeowners association to go to war with a couple living in the Olde Belhaven community, D.C., over an Obama for President sign they put in their yard back in 2008. The sign was apparently four inches taller than the maximum limit allowed by the association’s rules. But, Sam and Maria Farra refused to back down, arguing their right to display the sign was protected by the Constitution.  The Washington Post


Proposed Bill makes it Easier to Foreclose on Homes

A bill filed by Florida lawmaker, Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, could make it easier and faster or HOAs to foreclose on people who haven’t paid their HOA fees.  Some homeowners are concerned that the legislation would give HOAs too much power.  Hays said that the bill is a starting point for discussion and subject to amendments, but he said he wants to level the playing field in the way associations are governed. The Sun Sentinel


Texas HOAs rally for legislative support

Texas homeowners and business owners are seeking legislation to allow HOAs to borrow more money in order to protect property values and more tools to deal with foreclosures. “Allowing more flexibility for a condo association to borrow money for items such as major repairs [helps] keep property values high for owners,” said Judi Phares, chairwoman of Texas Community Association Advocates. American City Business Journals

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