NBC-CAM Year End Updates

This holiday season, we find ourselves reflecting on our successful year and want to thank you for your commitment to the CMCA certification program.  Here are some of the highlights from 2012:

Online CMCA network

NBC-CAM has developed a robust online network for CMCAs to discuss ideas, communicate concerns and connect in a meaningful way.  The CMCA listserv, LinkedIn group, Facebook community and blog have increased in size noticeably this past year.

  • The CMCA LinkedIn Group has 1,471 members.  Join here.

  • The CMCA Listserv is a powerful, on-line community for community management professionals to share information.  There are 996 members.  Join here.

  • CMCAcorner averages over 40 views a day.

  • The CMCA Facebook has had 588 post views since its launch. Like us here.

CMCA certifications awarded

As of December 4, 2012 NBC-CAM has certified 12,434 CMCA individuals.

 CMCA certs awarded 2012

CMCA Examination

As of December 4, 2012 the overall CMCA passing rate is about 79%.

 CMCA passing rate

CMCA Retention

CMCA Retention remains steady for 2012 at 81%.

 CMCA retention rate

We look forward to sharing more progress and exciting developments in 2013, and wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season.

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