Thank you to those of you who submitted answers to last week’s inquiries from your peers on the CMCA listserv.  Your responses sparked some additional submissions.  Please feel free to share your responses on the comments and I will post them to the listserv.

1.  Betty from Florida

The Rules & Regulations Committee in the Condo I manage in Florida is considering a proposal to the BoD to require real estate agents to pre-register their “Open House” with the Association as well as require no less than 2 agents/persons to be present so one can always be at the entrance to prevent unauthorized access into our secure building. Does anyone have rules regarding open houses already written (part of) in their Rules & Regulations?

2. Thomas from Virginia

How often do you audit your properties? Full audit or financial statement audit only? Our bylaws are not clear whether to full audit every 3 years, yearly, full audit or only financial statement.  Any advice?

3. Sharon from Michigan

I am currently dealing with a community that has a large lake. While the lake is not open to the public, it borders 4 homes that are not a part of the association, that often use the facility. The board is wanting to adopt some specific use regulations and is looking at imposing a fees to these neighbors. I am not sure if doing so will put them in the category of public use, which would affect insurance, ADA criteria and etc.  I need a little insight from anyone who has experienced a similar situation. How can this be done and/or does anyone have any outlines for use restrictions for members and what might be considered public use? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

1 thought on “Q&A

  1. For Sharon from Michigan — We have a large lake with a mile-long, paved trail around it and signs posted that you are trespassing if you are not part of our association. We have some trespassers, but have no way to completely control that. We did have one neighboring subdivision ask if they could buy “passes” to fish in our lake, which the Board approved. The people have to sign our standard waiver of liability before purchasing this “pass.” We feel that this would protect us from liability to some degree. Our attorney says that even the waivers we have signed by our own residents will never completely protect us against lawsuits and claims. Hopefully it makes these neighbors undertstand that we are serious about our property and who and how it is used.

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