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Subdivisions amp up leasing restrictions
Subdivisions in Madison, Miss., are making it harder for homes to become rental properties with new restrictions that limit the length of a lease and who homeowners can rent to. “That’s the way an association can protect its members and what covenants are all about,” says lawyer Mike MacInnis. “You have new homeowners coming in who don’t want to buy a $250,000 house in a neighborhood that doesn’t have restrictions.” The Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi)


Crackdown on septic leaks that feed algae

Kathy Bozony, a natural resource specialist, has been sampling algae this summer around Diamond Point Beach and a nearby stream, and some samples have indicated the algae growth there is being caused by organic pollution from septic system outflows or leaks. Bozony has spoken to owners who don’t know what type of septic system they have or where it’s located on their property. Bozony has been partnering with the Dunham’s Bay Homeowners Association to identify homes in the Dunham’s Bay area with faulty systems. Her hope is the association will put pressure on homeowners to make improvements and prevent further pollution. PostStar (New York)

Bankruptcy protection for HOA

Four years after buying Ocean Breeze Park, homeowners are seeking bankruptcy protection to preserve the 45-acre, riverfront, mobile-home park that’s served retirees for more than seven decades. The historic park was founded in 1938 by Harry Hoke and incorporated in 1960. Hoke and his heirs owned the park until 2008, when they put it up for sale. Residents united to buy the property. But poor timing and a series of bad breaks sent their co-op association into a tailspin. “The board is working hard to make all of this work out,” said Harry Bartlett, president of the Ocean Breeze Park Homeowners’ Association. “I’m very positive things will work out in the end.” TCPalm (Florida)


HOA accused of violating Fair Housing Act

A Gibsonton homeowners association and its former property manager are charged with violating the federal Fair Housing Act after they threatened to evict a family of eight because there were too many people living in the house, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Tampa Bay Times (Florida)

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