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Stephen Castle, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

The start of something new

“In those days, I was an ‘expert’ only because I owned a condominium home and served as an association leader.” In 1976, Steve Castle worked as a consultant providing new homeowner orientation and board member programs. The challenging and exciting work Steve performed as a consultant in the emerging community association industry led to his pioneering career as a leader in the field of community association management and a founder of NBC-CAM.

In 1995, Steve was asked to join the Blue Ribbon Task Force that founded NBC-CAM. He chaired the NBC-CAM Board of Commissioners from its inception through 2004. He was a key player in the creation of the CMCA program and earned the second certification awarded. Steve’s vision has been critical to the continued success of the CMCA program. “When I got into the business 25 years ago, I had to learn by hard knocks, but I would have loved to have had this sort of certification program available,” he said.

Steve was influential in shaping policy at Community Associations Institute (CAI) as well. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 1997, the Outstanding Volunteer Service Award in 1993, the President’s award in 1996 and 2003, and the Chair’s Award in 2003. Steve’s rewarding professional event was “receiving CAI’s Distinguished Service Award because it is so rarely awarded, and therefore, was more meaningful than other recognitions I was fortunate enough to receive from both CAI and NBC-CAM.”

“I really can’t think of anything significant that I would want to have done differently in my first 64 years of life” pondered Steve, who is currently enjoying his position as CEO Emeritus of Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation in Pennsylvania. “I’m not totally out to pasture,” he jokes.

Having paved the way for the 11,000 and counting CMCAs over 15 years ago, Steve retains his “expert” status through his continued dedication and commitment to serving community association managers and communities. Steve’s sentiment that “this new ‘association’ concept was appealing in the late 1970’s because it represented a future growth potential” remains true today.

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  1. Was my CMCA profile ever posted?


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