National Conference of State Legislators

Next week, I will be at the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) with the CAI Government and Public Affairs Department.  NBC-CAM and CAI have been teaming up to exhibit at this Summit for years.  NCSL is the nation’s premier meeting of legislators and staff.  Republicans, Democrats and legislative staff from all 50 states come together at NCSL’s Legislative Summit to work on America’s toughest issues.  This is our opportunity to promote the importance of community association manager licensing.  This year, the Summit is being held in Illinois – a state that recently endorsed the CMCA program as their state licensure method.  Our goal this year is to reach out to as many legislators as possible about the importance of community association management legislation.


Annual Service Fee

As you all know, managers must pay an annual service fee of $105 by either April 1 or October 1 each year.  It has come to our attention that many CMCAs are confusing their annual service fee with CAI’s individual manager membership and/or AMS and PCAM fees.  We hope the below clarification will clear up any confusion.

CAI individual manager membership – The annual membership dues are $130. This amount includes the mandatory Advocacy Support Fee of $15 and an optional $10 contribution to CAI’s Foundation for Community Association Research—a tax deductible donation to a 501(c)(3) organization.  This membership is with CAI and does not pertain in any way to your CMCA certification.

CAI designations – CAI has several professional designations including the AMS, PCAM, LSM and RS.  The AMS, PCAM, LSM are due each year in August.  Each designation has member and nonmember annual maintenance fees.  This is not the same as your CMCA annual service fee.

Keep in mind that while NBC-CAM and CAI enjoy a collaborative relationship, NBC-CAM is a separately incorporated, independent entity.  CMCAs are responsible for paying their $105.00 annual service fee on time each year or risk termination.


CAI   Annual Fees                    


Due Date

Member dues

Non-Member dues














NBC-CAM   Annual Fees    


Due Date

Dues Amount


April or  October



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