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Carol Diaz-Velez left her 30 year career in Pathology to become a community association manager.  After serving on a large homeowners association (HOA) board, Carol stated she “saw the role the manager played in the community, and saw that with my skills, knowledge and experience in building laboratories, managing business and people skills that this would be a great transition for me.”

Carol embarked on her new career in sunny central Florida.  “My first day as a manager was at Kings Point.  This community is very unique and one-of-a-kind in that it is comprised of 108 condo associations and one HOA, as well as being a private 55 and older community.  I was one of three managers and a staff of fourteen managing it.”

Like many community association managers, Carol hit the ground running, “I was scared to death on where to start.  I found out that listening to those residents with far more experience was the right way to go.  I attended over 32 meetings per year, oversaw all contracts and contractors, and participated in over twelve resident committees.”

Community association management calls for diverse skills and specialized knowledge which is why Carol earned her CMCA credential in 2010. When you invest in your career by earning the CMCA, you gain confidence, skills and knowledge. 

“All this experience proved to me that if you are willing to learn, there are people that can teach you. I still have contact with those residents and value those relationships today,” stated Carol.

Carol expressed that perfect happiness for her is “having integrity in the things I do”.  People who earn and maintain the standards of the CMCA credential are knowledgeable and ethical professionals.  CMCAs adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethics, and are accountable to a disciplinary board.  In order to maintain and enhance the credibility of the CMCA, consumers and others are able to bring complaints concerning a CMCA to the board.  In the event of a violation of the Standards of Professional Conduct, the board may impose sanctions, including revocation of the CMCA certification.

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CAMICB is a more than 25-year-old independent board that sets the standards for community association managers worldwide. CAMICB is the first and only organization created solely to certify community association managers and enhance the professional practice of community association management. Privacy Policy:

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