CMCA Profile

Vanessa Burch, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Going with her gut

After a long day of shuttling from the office to her associations and then to board meetings in the Texas heat, Vanessa Burch repeatedly finds “that in matters of the home, everything is personal.”

“I started my professional career at a large financial services company, helping small businesses manage their credit card operations and training account representatives. That led me to discover that I too wanted to be in a smaller business environment, but I didn’t want to give up the opportunity to still be able to help and interact with lots of people,” said Vanessa. The community association management profession affords individuals, such as Vanessa, the opportunity to assist and work with many different people, all of whom are trying to protect and safeguard their biggest asset—their home.

She has found community association management to be a challenging, yet rewarding career. “My adventure in community management began in October 2002. Just by luck, an ad for a community management position caught my attention. It’s a perfect fit for me.” Vanessa went on to obtain her CMCA credential in 2005.

CMCAs are trained to handle what Vanessa describes as “little tests to keep me sharp and challenged.”

“Some homeowners need a sympathetic ear, and some need a little more guidance and education,” said Vanessa. “I know these neighbors, I know the street they live on, and whether or not I’ve ever met them in person or by phone.”

CMCAs are not only committed professionals; they “can be a preacher, a teacher, or a parent depending on who is calling,” said Vanessa. She has relied on her education and certification to assist her in navigating the world of community association management. Her motto for success: “I always go with my gut.”

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