Doing Good in the Community

Too often we hear about the negative side of community association management: managers embezzling from an HOA, the veteran who was told he couldn’t fly his flag, or corrupt board elections.  Let’s focus on the positive.  I found this great story to share with you.  Please tell us all about something good in your community.

HOA raises funds for developing a park
A community association in Tuxedo, N.C., held a fundraiser Saturday as part of its plans to develop a park. “We hope to see a community building,” said David Hill, president of the Green River Community Association. “It will be a good central site for people to gather.” Times-News (Hendersonville, N.C.)


1 thought on “Doing Good in the Community

  1. Sounds similar to the fundraiser being conducted in the Frisco, TX community for a special needs park (Hope Park) to be built in one of our HOAs, The Trails of West Frisco. It will be a place for children of all physical and mental capabilities to play and learn together.

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