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Have you signed up for the Community Association Management Smartbrief yet?  If you haven’t, here’s a little of what you’ve missed:

Miss. HOA heads to court over right to ban rentals — The Northbay homeowners association in Madison, Miss., along with the support of Madison Organization of Neighborhood Associations, is seeking court backing to enforce its ban on rental homes. “Rental properties are often not adequately maintained and degrading to the neighborhood. … We believe this issue is important to all neighborhoods in Madison. MONA has long supported any covenant that increases the value of property, which we think this one does,” MONA Chairman Carl Crawford says. Read the full article.

What do to when the customer isn’t right — What do you do when a customer is convinced he’s right, but isn’t? Cabinet-maker Paul Downs writes that he had to answer that question when a large client wanted an expensive repair to a table the client had damaged. Downs outlines his strategy for keeping customers happy while preventing costly mistakes.  Read the full article.

How a leader resolves problems— Problems are sure to arise in any small organization, but how a boss resolves them can either make or break the situation. A leader should be direct and clear about their desires, rely on partners for support and remain consistent in order to get a good outcome for a problematic situation.  Read the full article.

This complimentary resource is aimed at bringing you a quick, two-minute read that will help you keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends in our profession. Community Association Management Smartbrief will provide short summaries of the news articles that will be of interest to you as a community association manager. Sign up here to get the full stories.

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