Survey Reveals Most Annoying Office Jargon

A survey of 1,836 people surveyed by the British research firm, Opinium, revealed the most hated office buzz phrases. If you use any of the following jargon, it may be time to remove it from your vocabulary:

  1. Thinking outside the box (Found annoying by 21 percent)
  2. Let’s touch base (20 percent)
  3. Blue sky thinking (19 percent)
  4. Blamestorming (16 percent) [Sitting down and working out whose fault something is]
  5. Drill down to a more granular level (15 percent) [Look into something in more detail]
  6. Let’s not throw pies in the dark (15 percent) [We need a plan rather than a haphazard approach]
  7. I’ve got that on my radar (13 percent)
  8. Push the envelope (12 percent)
  9. Bring your A-game (11 percent) [Be ready to do something to best of ability]
  10. Get all your ducks in a row (11 percent)

2 thoughts on “Survey Reveals Most Annoying Office Jargon

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