Website Focus Group and Workshop


Website Focus Group and Workshop

Happy New Year! Before 2013 came to and end, CAMICB has embarked on a website redesign process. We gathered industry experts, staff, CMCAs, managers and communications professionals to conduct a website workshop. The focus group utilied stcky notes to prioritize website content and identify our audiences. Keep your eyes peeled for a new website in Spring 2014!

CAMICB Board of Commissioners


CAMICB Board of Commissioners

The CAMICB Board of Commissioners meets annually in Fall. This year we reviewed 2013 statistics, financials, programming and had a strategic planning session for the upcoming year. A special note of thanks to the entire Board for their dedication and hard work! Meeting minutes will be made available mid-December.

Learn more about the Comissioners here:

*Thank you to MercerTrigiani for hosting us at their office in Alexandria, VA.*