How to Follow CMCA Corner

Check back regularly for new will be updated regularly with newsworthy stories, ideas from community association managers and information about the industry.  Post a comment or share a story.  Your experience and thoughts will make this community successful.

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11 thoughts on “How to Follow CMCA Corner

  1. Congratulations! This could be a great venue.
    What has been your most successful project this last year? i.e. rebuilding a clubhouse, perimeter fence, amending the restrictions, turnover to resident board, reviving a dead association? Mine was drilling a 3rd well for lake level control and repumbing irrigation lines directly from fresh water instead of out of the lake. The thing I learned was that this redesign will save the association $1000s because the clams that live in the lake will not be in the irrigation destroying the system once it was purged. yea! Okay, any one else with a good lesson learned?

  2. Congratulations on what potentially could be very useful site, Lets hope the word gets around to all those holding CMCA certification and they all log in with interesting stories and useful information.

  3. Congratulations! This is another great tool at our disposal. With all of the good ideas out there, we can put together some really great ideas.

    • Are you appearing ?. Tests must be relaxed,open,have different view points. TO BE STICKLER does not get best out of students,like BOARD MEMBERS START VISUALISING THEY own the assn. NATION of free thinkers gets you the best talent in the WORLD SEE CILICON VALLEY

  4. Hi how can I obtain a copy of the M-100 study manual? Without having to register for the class because I just need a refresher

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