CAI Statement In Response To A Recent Commercial Aired By GEICO Insurance

By Thomas M. Skiba, CAE 
Chief Executive Officer 
Community Associations Institute

We know that many of our members have voiced their concern about a recent commercial aired by GEICO Insurance. In response to GEICO Insurance’s “HOA Cynthia Advises New Neighbors” commercial, Community Associations Institute (CAI) is deeply disappointed by the company’s inaccurate portrayal of homeowners associations and the 2.5 million volunteer board members elected to serve their communities.

GEICO’s attempt at comedy about a family moving into a community association is disrespectful and insulting to the millions of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of professionals who work tirelessly and proudly to build communities people are proud and privileged to call home. Community associations, also known as condominiums, homeowners associations, and housing cooperatives, are home to 73.5 million Americans.

Learning the facts about HOA living is so easy to do, a caveman could do it. According to the 2018 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey, independently conducted by Zogby Analytics for the Foundation for Community Association Research, residents in associations are overwhelmingly in support of their community association experience, manager and elected board members.

These are the facts and not the easy, stereotypical and condescending messages designed to get a cheap chuckle.

CAI invites GEICO to take 15 minutes to discuss the value of community associations and how they bring people together, strengthen neighborly bonds, and promote a sense of belonging—especially now.

37 thoughts on “CAI Statement In Response To A Recent Commercial Aired By GEICO Insurance

  1. I’m an HOA president of an age restricted community and I thought the commercial was funny and didn’t find it offensive or representative of an HOA. I thought it was done in good taste.

  2. I thought the commercial was entertaining and funny! We need a good laugh during these crazy times? Is there really a need for damage control? I hate to break it to you, some HOA are that bad and some are good. Maybe focus on improving HOAs in the communities rather going after a silly commercial. Let it go.

  3. Lighten up Frances (aka CAI). We had a “Cynthia “ in my HOA – stereotypes come from somewhere.

  4. Seriously? I live in an HOA and the crap I have to go through for everything is ridiculous. I got a $75 fine because chairs on my BACK porch did not match – they were folding camp chairs used for two hours. I had to pull flowers that were not on the approved list. They rejected my siding because they had never heard of it – even though it looked exactly like Hardy siding, of which they approved. And it goes on and on to the tune of dozens of fines.

    So don’t tell us Geico has it wrong. Some of us would actually prefer HOA Cynthia to our current situation.

    • Wow!, that’s silly ! That commercial was soooo funny!, especially the cutting down of the mail boxes!, Geico is really coming through with the commercials!

      • When comedians want something to be funny, they exaggerate. I’m part of a HOA board and I found it funny. It’s a shame that we cannot see the funny side of things. Maybe those people who don’t think it’s funny care the ones suffering from a ‘Cynthia’ in their HOA, and I can understand why they don’t think it’s funny. So, in next elections get rid of your Cynthia.

  5. HOA’s need to get over themselves. In the HOA I live in the Board President operates like he’s a some kind of King or Monarch… The rest of the Board members follow like lemmings so they don’t upset their leader. I bet he puts his undies on one leg at a time like the rest of us do. I’m surprised his name isn’t Richard.

  6. There is no shortage of nightmare stories of bullying, nitpicking, arbitrary fines to fill the coffers of the HOA, threats to put liens on homes for outlandish reasons, all by puffed up, self important petty tyrants who enjoy the control they exert over others. If you don’t like the commercial, look to your own community to see why it is even an issue. Many people have suffered under HOAs, or have heard the horror stories.

  7. You got to be kidding us, really?

    When did you become so sensitive? Most of it thought it was really funny and have no problem discerning reality from comedy.

    It might serve your organization and other homeowners association’s better if you spent your time more productively than nitpicking and Whining about entertaining and funny TV ads…

  8. Have had 4 dealings with HOAs. All were a nightmare. Spent the last 10 years in a condo with a COA. Even spent time on the board. This commercial is funny because it’s true. They don’t call these people Condo Nazis for nothing.

    Sold our condo at a big loss just to get away from the idiocy.

    Who did the CAI survey – board members only?

    Whining about a TV commercial is a perfect demonstration of answering the question, “How stupid can you be?”

  9. Well considering the fact is an HOA is you buying a house then paying dues to be told what you can and cant do with the property you work for is actually against what the founding fathers intended.. it is pretty accurate. How about stop impeding freedom then getting your feelings hurt when you get called out over it?

  10. Clearly, the survey asked the wrong people. My brother had a Cynthia, and she finally got the “shove off” message after the third time he had her arrested for trespassing. If the RL Cynthia had taken a chainsaw to my brother’s mailbox, or bolt cutters to my sister-in-law’s plants, she’d have been hit with malicious/willful destruction of private property on top of the trespassing and better pray he didn’t find something else to charge her with. He sold the house for less than he paid to get away, and later learned it’s still on the market, five years later. Nobody wants to deal with petty little dictators.

  11. The woman everyone loves to HATE. Not the actress, but the concept. I WOULD NEVER LIVE IN A COMMUNITY LIKE THAT AGAIN. Once was enough. Too bad if the HOAs don’t like it. It is true.

  12. Not sure a “we are disappointed” statement was necessary on this one. Anyone who lives in an HOA had a good laugh about this issue as there are always “Cynthias” on the board enforcing rules from laying out a towel on the patio too long, “illegal plant storage” just outside our gate, to not “liking” our porch configuration. Had a good laugh at the commercial – all can relate.

  13. Considering the number of incidents involving “Karens” lately the add is definitely in poor taste in my opinion.

  14. Things that make you say hum. Looks like the good majority of comments here are against the CIA. So HOAs do very much seem to be justifiably and well represented by the caricature of Cynthia in the ad. In my experience, HOA Board members tend to agents of hypocrisy and are generally desperately in need of some sort of power, attention, or control in their lives. I could see this going far past anything they ever did with Cavemen or Geckos. The self-righteous position of the CIA perfectly exemplifies the very stereotype presented, and just because it is stereotypical, does not mean it is not true.

  15. I saw the commercial and it is really funny. We need to be able to take a joke and not be offended by everything.

  16. CAI needs to get a sense of humor.

    My wife and I have lived in 6 condos. I’ve served on 3 HOA boards. Like most humor, it’s an exaggerated version of reality. Lighten up CAI.

    • You might want to look at the HOA horrors on youtube of what is exaggerated.

      Legally stealing peoples homes for petty reasons.

  17. Unfortunately YOUTUBE is full of examples of REAL CYNTHIA so you can not hide behind sainthood.
    HOA’s are a scourge on society and do nothing but price a certain class of citizens that can not maintain property to a certain standards. We all know who THAT is.
    You can’t legally say you can’t buy a house here unless you conform.
    Afterwords, you are at the mercy of whatever society dictates at the time.
    If that year Christmas is evil then you are not putting up decorations.

    In my backyard I built a storage room, a play set, an above ground pool and no I did not have to ASK to do it. It is MY property that I paid for.

    I know, lets fine a person for not mowing their lawn or have the right paint color to the point we can legally steal their property and sell it at auction.

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