Work Life Balance

by Dorianne St. Fleur

Lie Number 1: The Less Hours You Work, The Happier You Will Be

The first thing most people think of when trying to organize their home and work lives is to decrease the hours spent at the office or negotiate a flexible work arrangement. This can work in the short term but won’t ultimately rebalance your life. There are too many other factors, and there are just as many unhappy people in jobs working 15 hours a week as there are in jobs working 50.

Lie Number 2: The Perfect 50/50 Split is Possible Between Work and Life

life and work balance

(iStockphoto) 3SECRET-030216-iStock life and work balance

Perfection does not exist. Your goal should be to take a holistic view when it comes to your commitments at work and home. There will be times when work spills into home life and vice versa.

Lie Number 3: What Works for Me Will Also Work for You

The real key here is to figure out what the ideal balance set-up looks like specifically for you and your goals, and then work toward them. No one else can tell you how to manage the time in your life because no one else gets your life the way you do.

Lie Number 4: The Boss Has It Better Than Everyone Else

Everyone has to manage work and life demands no matter their level. Getting promoted to that corner office isn’t going to automatically solve all of your issues with harmonizing your worlds.

Lie Number 5: You’re the Only One Who Feels Unbalanced

Having a perfectly balanced work and home life is a complex process that truthfully never ends.

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