Leadership Traits That Span the Generation Gap

Marcel Schwantes for inc.com

While there are countless ways to provide exceptional leadership in whatever role you’re in, the best leaders cannot do it without consistently acting on these four things.

They envision the future and get others to do the same.

Inspiration in its most authentic form appeals on an emotional level. A true and honest servant leader will put great importance on their tribe and inspire each person to see the vision like they do.

They take initiative and act.

The best leaders won’t sit on decisions waiting for urgency to come knocking. They take risks and create urgency with intent and purpose, driving the bus closer toward the mission. They are driven and want results, but not at the expense of their people.

They clarify goals and expectations.

Great leaders provide leadership by communicating consistently about where the bus is headed. One of the top five reasons, according to a Gallup research study, that employees are disengaged and companies have high turnover is because of a lack of clear goals and expectations.

They communicate with their mouths and ears.

Intentionally spend time with your tribe members to learn more about them and to discover their strengths and interests. You do so by listening intently, and in doing so you may also identify opportunities where they could contribute more to other projects. The best form of communication is still done the old-fashion way: through one-on-one meetings.

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