Recertification Tips from Roland

The April recertification cycle is in full swing and Roland Richardson, Certification Assistant, has tips and tricks to make your life easier. Roland joined NBC-CAM last Fall and handles the recertification process. You may have received a letter and e-mail from him recently. Below are some of Roland’s recommendations for successful application and recertification.

  1. If you are due to recertify and pay your annual service fee, send the paperwork and payment in together. Sending the recertification application and payment separately will delay your recertification as we wait for your payment to be processed or vice versa. “Oftentimes, people call me asking if I’ve processed their recertification, but until I receive payment, I cannot start the recertification review and audit. It’s best to send everything in at once so I can start the review immediately,” stated Roland.
  2. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. According to Roland, “More and more I am seeing people fill out the contact information section and not answer the questions or sign the app. If you don’t complete the app, I will recycle it and email you to re-send a completed app.”
  3. NBC-CAM does not keep track of your continuing education. “CMCAs often call asking how many CE credits they have. We do not track that information. It is the responsibility of the CMCA to track their continuing education and submit it to NBC-CAM when their recertification is due,” said Roland. It is worth noting that any courses you take through CAI are tracked by CAI. You can sign online at and print your class certificate to submit as proof of continuing education. Roland reminds everyone that, “We provide a continuing education worksheet to help CMCAs track their education. It’s available online.”
  4. When paying by check, include the invoice number. “Our Accounting Department is able to process payments much faster if the invoice number is on the check. If it isn’t, we have to spend time locating the individual which adds to our turnaround time,” Roland said. For management companies sending in one check for multiple individuals, please submit a list of names and invoices associated with that payment.
  5. Recertify online. NBC-CAM has created an online recertification application! Sign on to our website and recertify online. Note: Have your 16 hours of continuing education proof handy because we’ll be asking you to enter it into the continuing education worksheet. If you have an active AMS, PCAM, NAHC-RCM, FL CAM or NV CAM, grab your ID because we will be asking for the number. “Recertifying online takes less than 10 minutes and it makes it easier for me to complete the review and recertify someone. Everyone should be going online to pay their fees as well because the card is processed immediately and you get a printable receipt for your records. I encourage our CMCAs to embrace this new online technology!” exclaimed Roland.

If you have questions about CMCA recertification, please read our comprehensive recertification webpage or contact us at Leave your questions in the comment section so everyone can benefit!

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