Beginning January 1, 2013, the CMCA computer-based examination will be delivered in partnership with Pearson VUE, a leading provider of computer-based licensure, certification and assessment examinations around the world.  The transition of CMCA test delivery to Pearson VUE offers CMCA candidates:

  • A robust domestic network of state of the art testing centers
  • An extensive network of international testing facilities
  • An enhanced level of test security
  • An excellent level of candidate service

The move to test delivery through Bloomington, MN-based Pearson VUE will be accompanied by a shift to a fully “on demand” test delivery model.  In place of the current CMCA model which requires candidates to select and test during a fixed three-month testing window, after January 1 candidates will have one year from the date their application is approved to sit for the CMCA examination and may test at any time within that one year period.  The CMCA examination will be offered on an on-going basis at Pearson VUE testing facilities.

Through a partnership with Pearson VUE NBC-CAM is pleased to offer CMCA candidates greatly increased flexibility in scheduling the CMCA examination, access to a network of secure, world class testing facilities, within the United States and abroad, and a strong commitment to timely, responsive candidate service.

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