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What’s making headlines where you live?  Check out the latest news stories about the community association management profession from across the country.


Those volunteering with the Hidden Lakes Homeowners Association in Keller, Texas have been barred from HOA meetings in spite of recent legislation designed to protect the rights of homeowners.  By taking advantage of a loophole, the developer has been able to effectively bar homeowners from being able to attend and make decisions on the community and the use of its funds.  Now legislators are being forced to consider the law’s implications for all involved.  Read the full story.



In his Smart Money column Bruce Williams answers questions from homeowners on deed-restricted communities and mortgages.  Williams explains how homeowners can help ensure that the HOA truly does enforce guidelines in a deed-restricted community and whether it is better to pay for a house in cash or get a mortgage.  Read the full story.


New Hampshire

The town of Stratham is under suit for an alleged breach of the town’s Master Plan and subdivision regulations.  Members of the Spring Creek Homeowners Association and abutters have taken this action in protest of a newly revised development plan that they say would unnecessarily clear trees and disrupt the topography of the property.  Stratham must now respond to these allegations and those against its decision to create a “pork chop” lot behind its proposed 2-acre subdivision. Read the full story.



Residents of Mesa’s Superstition Springs community have raised concerns about their HOA’s decision to move its offices into a single-family home on the property.  The HOA faces allegations that they are in violation of city codes dictating where businesses can be run.  Their resulting decision to apply for a zoning-district amendment has some worried about the kind of precedent the case would set.  Read the full story.



Arnold Myers has pled guilty for his involvement in a conspiracy to defraud Las Vegas Valley homeowners associations.  Myers used his position as a homeowners association board member for Chateau Versailles to help commit mail and wire fraud.  The federal investigation surrounding the case is ongoing with multiple co-conspirators still uncharged.  Read the full story.


A frustrated homeowner asks certified property manager Barbara Holland what can be done to collect money legally owed by an HOA.  Holland also explains what constitutes a board meeting and how such meetings should be announced to avoid legal issues.  Read the full story.



Residents of Horn Rapids in Richland are still experiencing a drought two weeks after water pumps were pulled on June 27th.  This shortage came as a surprise to homeowners and the city, who are now having difficulty maintaining their properties.  Although the man-made drought is expected to end shortly, concerns remain regarding how the water supply is controlled.  Read the full story.



Irvine resident Al Schwartz’s protest against the HOA’s decision to remove unauthorized foliage from his home has opened up a controversy regarding how much rights homeowners should have over their own property.  Schwartz argues that the HOA’s covenants do not clearly specify what constitutes a violation in some areas.  Attempts to solve any issues surrounding the case through mediation rather than litigation are currently on hold as charges and tensions build.  Read the full story.


Riverside County, California’s plan to expand its wine country has the upscale community of Morgan Hill concerned.  While the planner, Mitra Mehta-Cooper, envisions a vibrant wine country and tourist destination, the Morgan Hill Homeowners Association contends that residents will face the kind of noise disturbance seen in other areas with neighboring wineries.  Both parties are currently in negotiations directed at finding a satisfying compromise.  Read the full story.



The Red Oak Homeowners Association in Rockford, Illinois has received a grant to create a neighborhood park.  These funds, provided by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois, will enable the HOA to further beautify the area.  Read the full story.

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